Writing Team

Jaye Lowe hails from Dallas, Texas, and from every other place in America with an air force base. Inspired by an eclectic mix of writers and directors from Stanley Donen to Steven Soderbergh he is a self-made filmmaker who early on in his career produced several award-winning Films, including the 8th Plague and Carver. He went onto option a TV show and several other properties before landing himself in the FilmConnection Film Institute where he wrote stylish, edgy films and honed his writing skills through great mentorship he has developed long lasting industry relationships and developed exciting film, TV and streaming properties. Jaye Lowe lives in Virginia with his wife and five kids.



After time as a US Marine, and Police Officer, Ron has written and directed award-winning short and feature-length independent films. He founded the FCF, a network of over 1800 faith-based filmmakers and film enthusiasts, organized and co-leads the DMV Producers Association, as well as being involved in other film groups. He is also one of the founders of The Fantasy Network. Under his Opening Act Production, LLC team, Ron developed the feature film, The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers, a coming-of-age story about how a group of four friends learns there’s a little bit of geek and hero in all of us. Since its debut in 2013, TFH has been distributed internationally and has been dubbed in several foreign languages. Ron also produced, Made in the USA: A 30 Day Journey, which is a documentary that explores what the brand “Made in the USA” really means these days. Ron’s innovative transmedia concept, along with his strong IP of The Rangers will help create a new, dynamic and lucrative model for independent filmmaking.




A hardened combat veteran who wants to avenge the murder of his best friend uncovers a mayor’s plot to stage a crime wave to get himself re-elected and he must put vengeance aside to pursue justice at all costs.


A desperate backyard brawler fails to save his new bride and finds himself in a global unground gladiatorial syndicate where the only way to take them down is to fight his way to the top.


A Steampunk/Western/Sci-Fi project. In a dystopian universe, on a dead-end, backwater world, an orphaned girl, with certain abilities, try to escape from the sway of her megalomaniac uncle by seeking out the help of a reformed gunslinger running from his past, in the end, he learns the power of child's love.