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Indie Film Coach Presents
Making Your Projects Happen: Successful Film/TV Producing & Financing
March 2, 2024; 1pm-5pm

10266 Battleview Pkwy.
Manassas, VA 20109

Our goal is to offer a fully-immersive weekend of what it might have been like to be a Viking...


The year is 970 and the two kings of Scandanavia come together for a time of peace. King Harald in blue from the west, and King Eric in red from the east.

King Harald is trying to build upon the land he has. He is a good warlord, but no family man. He dreams of a united Scandanavia even if it is done by conquest.

King Eric needs this peace to hold in order to deal with the Germans at his back. He too dreams of a united Scandanavia, but done the right way, through marriage. He is ready to secure that future.

Will the land be united in peace or slide into war?

Each player must CHOOSE a King to be loyal to.










We have teamed up with VikingsCon, to infuse the event with the ultimate look and feel, and vendors to showcase their wares. Vendors will choose the VENDOR PACKAGE reward to lock in their spot & 1 combatant or non-combatant ticket. *If you vend for BaV, you'll get a -25% discount for VikingsCon! 

VikingsCon is also bringing some historical context with Viking Reenactors and historians. So, there could be demos or discussions on actual Viking life. 

We also plan to give you a taste of what we do at Weekend Warrior with epic battles! You will be helping to bring a high-quality, high immersion, but safe, battle to life by using realistic LARP weapons.

Tickets will be limited per King.


Everyone, including vendors, is expected to be in some form of Viking wardrobe. There are no spectators, so no modern clothing is permitted. This is specific to Viking culture from dress to armor choices. 


We will be using realistic LARP-style weapons. These must be approved AND pass an onsite safety inspection. You can send in a picture prior to the event OR prior to any purchase (Epic Armory is our go-to vendor).

Though Vikings did not use bows as the English did, archery will be allowed. 




There will be intense pretend violence and fierce competition, but honor and chivalry shall be the personal rule. The experience will include guile and betrayal, mischief, and mayhem, but these will be play-acted and pretend. We will have on-site security to help us ensure that we maintain a safe environment for all.


Costumes are not consent.

All are welcome 


We will have an onsite medic, but everyone will be asked to 

1) Sign a release/agreement

2) Maintain their insurance card with them

3) Alcohol may be purchased onsite, but we can't stress enough that this is a family-friendly event. 

4) We are monitoring COVID based on what Virginia recommends. 


The age of participation for the overnight event is 18 or over. The minimum age allowed with a parental waiver is 16. Attendees under 18 are allowed overnight only with parental or guardian supervision, and parents must also be participants.

BASIC SCHEDULE (March. 11-13)


10 AM - Open for setup of Vendors and Event Staff.

1:00 PM - Event will open for check-in and setup.

5:00 PM - Briefing and then event will begin.

6:00 PM - Evening Meal


8:00 AM - Day Begins

Read Weekend Warrior Rules here for the LARP Rules (Battle) portion of the event:


8:00 AM - Day Begins

12:00 PM - Close Out

5:00 PM - Everyone will be off-site

*Meals are 9am|1pm|7pm

**DISCLAIMER** The event is rain or shine.



Mountain Run Winery is Virginia's largest LARP venue, hosting annual Amtgard, Dagorhir, Darkon, LARP Adventures events as well as being the site of the first Weekend Warrior. The venue's 36 acres include vineyards, fields, rolling hills, forest trails, a 125-year-old farmhouse, and three restored barns as well as a 30'x60' Armored Combat fighting list (Mountain Run Winery is home field for the Northern Virginia 'Iron Lions' Armored Combat team). Amenities include four bathrooms, two hot showers, electricity and water, an onsite dumpster, multiple firepits, and complimentary firewood. The winery makes some of the area's best wines, meads, and ciders and will be open late on both evenings for the event. 


We will have TWO different encampments (camping space included with purchase).

  • Encampment #1 Modern Tents; will have a separate spot.

  • Encampment #2 Viking Period Tents; will be a part of the event.   



Meals are included along with a vegetarian option. Due to ABC Laws, no outside alcohol may be brought in. The mead will flow!

Fri. Dinner

Sat. Breakfast | *Lunch | *Dinner *(Day Players)

Sun. Breakfast 

NOTE: If you have certain dietary needs, please do be prepared & let us know.. 


PS. We all dream of having a place to call our own. To build on and grow here...join us in making Adrasil come true! 

VENDOR List for now...

Klan Runda 

Vlad's Tovary 

Sons of Vikings 

Eclipsedcrafts & Midgard Arts 

Art by Samuel McCormick 

Tiw's Arm 

What is Adrasil Studios?

Adrasil Studios will be our very own piece of land with medieval structures to host events, such as re-enactments, LARPS, themed events, and provide filming space for historical and fantasy projects.  


Can we bring in outside alcohol? Due to ABC Laws, we cannot permit outside alcohol.

I'm a historical re-enactor, am I welcome? 100% we'd still all love to learn from you as though we were back at that time. Think of yourself as our skal! 

What about COVID? We will offer a -10% discount on anyone that forwards their shot list + booster card. We plan to keep things outside as often as possible. We are highly encouraging masks and gloves. We'll also have access to restrooms to keep your hands clean. 

Is this a new annual event? Not likely. This is a specific themed event, which is set in a historical backdrop.

What will non-combatants be doing? Well, some may choose to be a healer (find out more about that HERE).

If I'm a vendor do I need to choose a king? Only if you plan on battling with us.

What if I do not have a Red or Blue tunic? A Red or Blue sash would also work! Though if you are Red, you should not be in a Blue tunic - so any other color would work WITH a Blue sash. 

How many days will vendors be available? For the entirety of the event. 

Not too sure about this... If you’re not interested in the fully immersive part, that's fine! Everyone still ends up having an amazing time. People get a sense of who's more into the storytelling part while others are there for other epic reasons. 

Glasses? We want this to be fully immersive but safe, so glasses are an essential part. For instance, if one has an official ADA animal - we'll welcome both!

Can I get a ticket the day of? We will have our Day Pass that you can get for the day.

Any chance of a payment plan? Ask you ye shall receive - there is a payment plan option!

What time can I arrive/leave? You can arrive at 1pm ET on Fri., and we must be off the property by 5pm ET on Sun. The event will end at noon on Sun. 

Can I get a refund? Yes all the way up to two weeks before the event, as by then we'll have to give all the numbers to catering and facilities. 

What is the cost? Food 40%, Facilities 25%, Insurance 15%, Promotion 10%, Overhead 10%

Will vendors take Credit Card? Though vendors can take Credit Cards, cash is always a safe bet as we'll be in the woods and though there is cell coverage, it is never a sure thing. 

Can I have modern things? We want the even to be as Viking as we can be, but with some modern amenities. 🙂 We don't expect people to not wear their glasses, etc. You can have a modern cooler but can throw it in a tent, or cover it with fur.

You still have questions? Email us at:

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Weekend Warrior 2019

HearthGuard 2019.jpg

Weekend Warrior 2019

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Last Stand.JPG

Weekend Warrior 2019

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Weekend Warrior 2018

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