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The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers

During their quest to become Lord of the Ring video game champs, a group of geeks become a true fellowship and learns that there's a little bit of geek—and hero—in all of us

The Rangers: The Courier

Long have the Shards of the Bloodstone been hidden in the land of Adrasil. And long has The Shadow Prince sent out his Couriers to seek them.

Outlawed Faith (TRAILER)

In a steampunk universe, on a dead-end back water world, an orphaned boy and his sisters, one of which is a mystic Seer, try to escape from the sway of their megalomaniac uncle by seeking out the help of a reformed gunslinger.


Vengeance - A Larp Comedy

LARP is near and dear to our hearts here at The Forge, but sometimes we take ourselves a little too seriously. Together with the Film Program and Cheryl Rhoads Acting Classes we delve into the realm of VENGEANCE.

Office Antics


Battle of the beats... Ron VS Skip

The Rangers: A Shadow Rising

 In this epic tale of good vs. evil, Brander Noke, “Wolf”, and his band of  elite Rangers, pick up the trail of mysterious events and begin to investigate. 

The Rangers: Drustan Chronicles

Drustan Lorne, an elite King's Ranger in Adrasil, hunts the orcs who take his daughter prisoner.

Sold Out!
Sold Out!

The Rangers: Furies

There are so few Rangers guarding the realm these days and new recruits have become hard to find. Wearing the badge almost seems to call danger from the underworld.

The Rangers: Sons of Throi 1

Just to the west of the Borderlands lies the province of Throi, where brigands are on the prowl. Atherion, the youngest Captain in the ranks, must rise to the challenge set before him.

Star Wars: Extraction

Desperate to gain an advantage against the forces of the Empire. The Rebel Alliance sends in a team to find the location of the Empire's secret base. A single pilot managed to get away, he may hold the fate of the Rebellion in his hands. 


C'est La Guerre

War betrays us all. The heroic idea of war is a childhood dream, as these men learn the harsh and brutal betrayals of war. Members of the 82nd Airborne, are joined by members of the 29th Infantry along with French Partisans to save a young french girl, Melisandre;